Crystals of Time

Crystals of Time 1

Solve the mystery of the Three Oak Mansion!

Solve the mystery of the Three Oak Mansion!

Ashley Ford, a young thief following the profession of her father, finds named missing. One night, he tried to sneak into the Three Oak Mansion but mysteriously disappeared. Will you find out what happened late that night and find your missing father? Using a mysterious crystal that enables Ashley to navigate through time she will dive into an astonishing adventure!

Join Ashley on an epic adventure in this hand-drawn hidden-object game!

  • Over 80 nice hand drawn scenes
  • 24 mini-games and HO-scenes
  • Atmospheric soundtrack

Our offered games are suited for Casual Game players of any age and gender.

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Crystals of Time


Crystals of Time 1

User reviews about Crystals of Time

  • kayerincooper

    by kayerincooper

    "Good standard HOPA with excellent art and music and puzzles."

    Great little game. Requires you to focus and take your time. Some unfortunate translation mistakes (radish for turnip...   More.